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LP and Cassette Transcription

Lucid Recording Sciences owns some of the highest quality high-end audiophile electronics for playback of phonograph records, and thus we are uniquely positioned to transcribe records to CD, FLAC, or MP3 at the highest quality possible.  This equipment includes the VPI HW19 Mk III turntable, Eminent Technology ET-1 Air-Bearing tonearm, a quality moving coil cartridge, a Counterpoint SA-5000 vacuum tube phono preamp, and a Lynx Two 24-bit 96khz recording sound card to digitize the audio.  Once digitized, Lucid uses various tools to 'remaster' the recording, including excellent ability to remove pops, ticks, noise, etc.  The result is a CD of your record that sounds better than the original record in most cases.  

Elimination of pops, ticks, etc., can be automated for very good results, but often the best results involve manual pop and tick removal using our 'audio detailing' service.  Often when this is done, you can't tell it was a record to begin with, because the results are so good.

We also transcribe cassettes and some formats of reel-to-reel tape.  

Output is available as standard CDs, as high-definition audio DVDs at 96, 192, or 384 KHZ, 24 bits stereo, or as FLAC or MP3 compressed audio files. 

Transcription pricing is based on hourly rates of $25/hour, plus $12 for each CD produced.  Amounts vary depending upon level of post-production enhancements needed or requested.  A typical 45 minute LP with automated pop and tick removal would take 2 hours.  Charges would be 2 hrs X $25/hr = $50, plus $12 for the CD, for a total of $62.  We realize this is not inexpensive.  But doing a good job takes time and takes good equipment.  If you really value those old records, and you want the best sounding transcription you can get, this may be your only option.  On the other hand, I recommend checking out and other CD vendors.  Many older recordings that used to be available only on LP are now available on CD.  


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