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About Lucid


About Lucid Recording Sciences

Lucid Recording Sciences is a small company specializing in producing exceptional sounding recordings of on-location live acoustic musical performances.  Lucid handles on-site recording sessions, post-production, artwork, photography, and mechanical licensing.


About " Us" and "We"

Despite the use of the terms 'we' and 'us' that fits in so well when talking about a business, and that are sprinkled liberally throughout these pages, Lucid Recording Sciences is primarily a one-person venture headed by Brook Burson, a lifetime audiophile, pianist, singer, electrical engineer, and audio/acoustics/computer practitioner. 


About Brook

I am a life-long music lover, audiophile, and electrical, acoustics, and computer enthusiast.  I've been making music (piano and chorus) since grade school.  I spent many years building, modifying, and selling some of the world's best home audio equipment, and from this, I developed a well-trained 'golden ear' that allowed me to recognize, design, and optimize for best sound.  Since 1999, I've been making recordings under the Lucid Recording Sciences name.  My musicianship experiences as a pianist and choir member, along with audiophile leanings, critical listening capabilities, and years of recording experience, have led to Lucid becoming one of the few location recording companies in Arizona known for producing truly excellent sound.

In the years I've had with Lucid Recording Sciences, I've recorded many great local artists, including the Phoenix Bach Choir (now the Phoenix Chorale), the ASU Symphony, all ASU Choruses, Scottsdale Musical Arts, the Orpheus Male Chorus, the Phoenix Praise Symphony, the Phoenix Boys Choir, the Phoenix Children's Chorus, the Grand Canyon Men's Chorale (now Phoenix Metropolitan Men's Chorus), and many others.  See Artists and Venues for a more complete list.

While recording these great performers, I've also had the joy of making recordings in many truly excellent acoustic spaces in the Phoenix area including Gammage Auditorium, Camelback Bible Church, Trinity Cathedral, Pinnacle Peak Presbyterian Church, Central United Methodist in Phoenix, Mesa First Methodist, La Casa de Cristo Lutheran Church, Brophy Chapel, All Saints Episcopal, ASU's Katzin Hall, ASU's Organ Hall, Chaparral Christian Church, and many others.  See Artists and Venues for a more complete list. 

Lucid Recording Sciences feeds four of my strongest passions: music, audiophile sound, acoustics, and technology.  Lucid's recordings reflect this passion, as I always find it rewarding and challenging to get the absolute best sound I can out of any concert recording.  As time moves forward, I hope to share this passion with many Arizona's artists - including you.  If you or your group are interested in this as well, please visit the Contact Us page and give me a call or drop an email.  Let's see where we can take this. . .

Other interests and jobs:

  • Electrical engineer working for a Scottsdale-based engineering company designing telephony and computer communication products
  • Photography, specializing in landscape and cityscape photography.  Photography post-production for HDR, Panorama, and artistic effects using Photoshop, Lightroom, Photomatix, AutoPano Pro, & PhotoAcute
  • Outdoors: hiking, biking, 4-wheeling, and (car) camping.  I love the beauty of Arizona (and other places too), and enjoy getting out into it whenever I can.
  • Computer Geek:  I enjoy building my own computers, and becoming adept at many software programs (audio, photography, games, engineering, acoustics, home automation, etc.)



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For questions, comments, or inquiries, please contact us.

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