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Capture the Moment!

We Bring the Recording Studio to You!



  • These wonderful sounding recordings will provide enjoyment for you, your group, and your patrons for years to come

  • Fundraising - Sell CDs or Digital Downloads (e.g. MP3s) to raise funds for your group

  • You'll have great sounding recordings ready to submit for grants, competitions, auditions, and resumes

  • Promotion and Loyalty - Having professional recordings on CDs, YouTube, and your web site improves your group's image, while helping to build loyalty

  • Critique and Education - elevate the caliber of your group by using recordings for practice, teaching, and confidence building

  • Archival of your accomplishments in your group's Music Library


  • We bring our Mobile Recording Studio to you.  Record in the venue of your choice, and take advantage of the great acoustics in many of Arizona's venues

  • Extensive On-Location Recording Experience in Arizona's Best Performance Venues

  • Specializing in Choirs, Orchestras, Pipe Organs, Concert Bands, and Soloists

  • Reputation for Superb Sound Quality

  • World class recording equipment 

  • We capture your event for posterity!

    • Commercial CDs, MP3 Downloads, & Demos

    • Archival Copies for You & Your Group 

    • Recordings for Grant Applications

  • Studio Quality On-Site Recordings

    • Live Concerts

    • Recitals

    • Closed Recording Sessions

  • Customer download portal - Download MP3s and PDFs of the recording and artwork during the production process to provide feedback to Lucid or to obtain early copies of the recording.

  • Our Fundraiser Package allows you to record a professional commercial CD for FREE, and potentially earn income for your group

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Welcome to Lucid Recording Sciences, Arizona's Premium On-Location Mobile Recording and Mastering Service.  Lucid Recording Sciences brings our audiophile quality mobile recording studio to you.  We provide on-site recording services in and around Phoenix, Arizona, at affordable prices.  If you're looking for an incredibly musical and natural recording of your musical event in one of Arizona's many excellent acoustic halls, Lucid should be high on your list of recording service providers to consider.  

Capture the Moment

Lucid can record you or your group, live in-concert or in a private recording session, at your choice of venue.  We will produce a CD of the performance that you can be proud of.  Our quality equipment and extensive know-how will ensure that we capture all the beauty and nuance of your performance.  We provide services that range from a simple minimally-edited archival recording to a fully-produced, commercial-ready CD with full artwork, graphics, and mechanical licensing.  You can sell your recordings to your fans as CDs, or as Internet digital downloads on Amazon, iTunes, or BandCamp.  We even have a fundraiser package where we can substantially underwrite the recording and production expenses so that you can record a commercial CD for little or no money.  We also produce non-commercial CDs that can be used for archival, for training for yourself and your group, and for your resume and grant applications.  We can provide quick-turn productions, so that you can distribute your recordings quickly after the event.  Just call or email to discuss your needs with us, and we’ll go over the process with you to help you determine what you want to do.  If you get voice mail, please just leave a message, and we'll call you back as soon as possible!

So why should you choose Lucid?  

The best reason is that you will get the best sounding recording possible at a very reasonable price.  It will be a recording you will be proud to play, and if you choose to make it a commercial recording, that you will be proud to sell.  Lucid is run by Brook Burson, a recording engineer who is a life-long music-lover, musician, and audiophile with an ear and ability for creating realistic and musical recordings.  Brook brings a passion for and an ability to produce recordings of live acoustic events with amazingly lifelike clarity and naturalness.  Brook utilizes years of playing, singing, listening, and recording experience along with some of the industry's best studio equipment to make the best possible stereo and surround sound recordings of your performance.  He specializes in capturing the essence of the performers AND the venue in which they perform.  Lucid’s goal is that when you listen to one of our recordings, it will sound like you're right there at the concert.  The idea is that what you hear on a Lucid recording should be the next-best-thing to being there.   

Learn More

We invite you to peruse this web site to learn more, or to hear samples of our recordings.  Additionally, we ask you to please contact us if you are interested in recording your group or yourself.  We'll be happy to discuss your project options, and will attempt to make the process as easy as possible.  Please contact us by email or phone.    Our e-mail address is being protected from spambots. Please enable JavaScript to email us.    Our phone number is (602) 224-3799.  Press '2' to ring through.  If voice mail answers after a few rings, please leave a message, and we will get back with you as soon as possible.  The best time to call is evenings after 8PM and on weekends.  

Thanks for visiting! 


Home Services Recordings Artists & Venues About Lucid Rec Tech Contact Us




For questions, comments, or inquiries, please contact us.

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .    

Phone: (602) 224-3799.  Press '2' to ring through.  Best time to call is after 8PM weekdays or on weekends.

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