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The primary services that are available from Lucid Recording Sciences are listed below.  Click on the bold underlined title links below or the icon links above for additional details. 

Live Concert Recording

Lucid will pack up our mobile recording studio equipment and set it up to record your live concert, on-site, at the Arizona venue of your choice.  For most unamplified music in 'acoustically live' venues such as churches or concert halls, we start with a great 'stereo pair', and augment that as needed to provide the recording with depth and space.  However, for amplified music or 'acoustically dead' environments such as stage shows at the Orpheum or Herberger, a multi-track recording taken from many different microphones and from the house sound system will often provide better results.

Location Recording Sessions

Just as in the Live Concert Recording, Lucid will pack up our mobile recording studio equipment and set it up in the local venue of your choice.  We will then record your music in the privacy of a 'closed recording session'.  This has the advantage of allowing multiple takes and partial takes to fix mistakes, as well as the ability to avoid all of the noise a live audience would generate.  Location Recording Sessions are commonly used for recording tracks to be used on a commercial CD.


Audio Post-Production occurs after the recording sessions in Lucid's studio.  During this phase, the recordings for each song are listened to, edited, and mixed into a single good take for that song.    Then, various other post-production 'mastering' processes may or may not be performed, depending upon the need and upon the budget.  These other processes include: Noise Reduction, Audio Detailing (removal of extraneous noises), equalization, limiting/compression,  normalization, effects (such as reverb) and putting the songs together for 'album' continuity.  When desired, Lucid provides MP3 files of the intermediate phases of our post production results for the artist to listen to and provide feedback on.  We provide this via our customer portal on our web site.  This allows us and the artist to be sure they are going to like the sound that comes out on the final CD.  The final result of most post-production jobs is a master CD meeting the official "Red Book" Audio CD standard, that is ready for duplication or replication.

CD Artwork and Credits

Lucid can create your CD's artwork at a number of levels: None, Template, Pseudo-Custom using your provided artwork, or Complete Custom designed solely by Lucid.  Given the information on your group and the songs performed, we also can create the music and artist credits to be placed on the CD.  Lucid also makes the artwork available to the artist as a PDF file over our customer portal, so that we can make sure the artist approves of the artwork before is is printed.

CD Manufacturing - Duplication and Replication

Lucid has the capability of manufacturing small runs of CDs via CD-R Duplication (CD Burning).  Alternatively we can work with a CD Replication house for larger quantities (500 or more) of true commercial 'pressed' CDs.  In both Duplication and Replication, Lucid can provide just the discs, the discs with artwork, or the discs in jewel cases with artwork. 

Digital Download Preparation
In modern time, many people no longer want physical CDs for their music.  They want digital downloads such as MP3 or FLAC files.  Lucid can create many kinds of digital downloads for your use, and in fact, we include these as part of most of our packages to allow you to 'review' the post-production work from our artist collaboration website.  We produce everything from simple stereo MP3 files to high resolution 192k, 352.8k, or DSD recordings.  We also produce stereo, quad, or 5.1 surround mixes for digital downloads.
Music Licensing

If you want to sell a CD commercially, you must either own the copyright to the song (composition and arrangement), or you must license the use of that song from the copyright holder.  Given a copy of all of the sheet music you are using, Lucid can act as the 'license chaser' in obtaining the mechanical licenses for you.  Alternatively, we can provide you with a few hints on how to do this, and you can do it yourself.

Pricing & Package Deals

Lucid has a few "package deals", such as a "Concert CD" package.  Please see our Packages Page for more details on these.  If your project doesn't fit any of our packages, we can consult with you to come up with a custom quote to meet your project's needs.  Additionally, Lucid can simply provide hourly rates for our services if that is what you prefer.

LP and Cassette Transcription

Lucid uses audiophile playback equipment and digital tools to transcribe your records and cassettes into CDs, Audio DVDs, or FLAC and MP3 files.  Our optional manual 'audio detailing' service results in optimal transcriptions for which you usually can't tell that the recording started out as a phonograph record.  


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