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Concert Recordings

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Lucid will pack up our portable studio equipment and set it up to record your live concert, on-site, at the Phoenix area local venue of your choice.  For most unamplified music in 'acoustically live' venues such as churches or concert halls, purist "single pair" or "B Plus" (Single pair plus B-format surround) recordings work the best.  However, for amplified music or 'acoustically dead' environments such as stage shows at the Orpheum or Herberger, a multi-track recording taken from many different microphones and from the house sound system will often provide better results.

Key Benefits

  • On-Location Recording experience in most of Phoenix's Best Venues.
  • Superb Equipment, knowledge of how to use it, and plenty of audio and music knowledge results in excellent recordings of your group.
  • Use of Purist "Single Pair" and "B-Plus" recording methods results in recordings that capture the performance and the sound of the performance in the hall.  It's the next best thing to being there.
  • Use of multi-track recording, up to 24 channels, when necessary to match the performance and venue needs.


Various Recording Methodologies
Lucid can record using a number of different methodologies including: Purist "Single Pair" recordings, B-Format Surround Recordings, "B-Plus" Single Pair plus B-Format recordings, and even multi-track recordings using both our microphones and feeds from the house sound system if needed.  
Surround Sound
Lucid has one of the incredible Soundfield ST-250 "B Format" surround sound microphones that allows us to capture sound from all directions onto 4 separate channels, and create numerous 'virtual' microphones for a surround recording, such as DVD with Dolby Digital 5.1, DVD-Audio, or even a Dolby Pro Logic compatible matrix surround CD.  This microphone is also excellent at clearly capturing singers positioned around or behind the audience.  The surround recording can be easily downmixed onto a stereo master
Often the best recordings are those that capture the sound of the artists with the purist "Single Pair", while capturing the 'surround' ambience of the hall with the B-Format Soundfield microphone.  These 6 channel recordings are known as B-Plus Format.  The B-plus recording can be down-mixed to stereo or to Dolby Digital surround recordings, and are a definite plus for usage as the surround sound audio track to a performance video.

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