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Concert Recordings

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Lucid will pack up our portable studio equipment and set it up to record your live concert, on-site, at the Phoenix area local venue of your choice.  For most unamplified music in 'acoustically live' venues such as churches or concert halls, a stereo pair plus ambience and B-format surround recording is used.  However, for amplified music or 'acoustically dead' environments such as stage shows at the Orpheum or Herberger, a multi-track recording taken from many different microphones and from the house sound system will often provide better results.

Key Benefits

  • On-Location Recording experience in most of Phoenix's Best Venues.
  • Superb Equipment, knowledge of how to use it, and plenty of audio and music knowledge results in excellent recordings of your group.
  • Use of optimized recording methods results in recordings that capture the performance and the sound of the performance in the hall.  It's the next best thing to being there.
  • Use of multi-track recording, up to 24 channels, when necessary to match the performance and venue needs.


Various Recording Methodologies
Lucid can record using a number of different methodologies including: Purist "Single Pair" recordings, augmented ambience and spot-mic recordings, Jecklin Disk recordings, B-Format surround recordings, and even multi-track recordings using both our microphones and feeds from the house sound system if needed.  These are covered in detail on our Methods page.
Work with Venue Crew
Lucid is happy to work with venue crew or stagehands to plan for the performance/recording event.  This often involves working with the staff to ensure we can get in early to setup and stay afterwards to tear down.  It also may involve working with the technical staff to integrate the sound reinforcement system and recording system.  This may include receiving amplified soloist mic feeds from the house sound reinforcement system (PA system) that are fed into the recording system.  Many times we provide feeds from our recording microphones to the house sound crew so that they can use the feeds for sound reinforcement.  We commonly provide feeds to the house for show choirs or choirs that use amplified accompaniment, such as the ASU Gospel Choir.  We may also work with the venue crew to 'hang' microphone arrays when appropriate to reduce the visual impact of the recording equipment.  As an example, we often hang our microphones at Gammage Auditorium and Scottsdale Center for the Arts.



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