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So you want to set up some closed recording sessions?  If so, then chances are, you're planning on producing a commercial CD.  That's what this page is about.

Just as in the Live Concert Recording, Lucid will pack up our portable studio equipment and set it up, on-site, in the local venue of your choice.  We will then record your music in a 'closed recording session', allowing multiple takes to get it right.  This has the advantage of allowing multiple takes and partial takes to fix mistakes, as well as the ability to avoid all of the noise a live audience would generate.  You can layer different parts performed by the same people, 'punch in' fixes during playback, etc.

For choirs, it is common for the choir to sing along with an instrumental track.  We can provide the ability to add the track to our DAW so that it is played back live to the choir during the recording.  We provide the speakers and playback for your choir to sing to.  We have special software which allows us to 'echo cancel' the bleed from the instrumental playback in the recording room so that the sound from these recording playback speakers doesn't 'color' the recording.  And we can provide headphones for the conductor and soloists so that they can hear what is being recorded and can sing along to the track using the headphones instead of speakers.

For a typical commercial CD, there are multiple closed on-site recording sessions, with each session dedicated to a small number of songs.  Also, when multiple sessions are used, this allows re-recording of  recordings from earlier sessions that have been found to be deficient in some way.  Thus, by the time you are done with all sessions, you should have enough recordings of complete and partial songs to be able to put together some essentially 'perfect' edits of those songs.

Lucid will work with you during post-production sessions to select the best takes and to determine what editing and other processing is needed. 

As each commercial CD project is different, we typically operate under a "Time and Expenses" operating model with hourly rates and line item expenses.  We'll be happy to discuss your project with you and come up with an estimate.  Alternatively, we can negotiate the terms of the project ahead of time to come up with a fixed price.  Please click here to see our pricing page for more details on hourly rates and on negotiated fixed price options.

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