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CD Artwork

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For CDs that are destined for commercial release, or even those that are intended for personal archival and study by participating artists, the addition of semi-professional to professional CD Jewel Case artwork is important.  Additionally, the CD credits are normally integrated into the artwork.  If you choose to create artwork and/or credits for your CD, there are many options available to you:


  • Your Artwork: You or an artist whom you designate can create your own artwork and credits.  
  • Template: Lucid can create very simple 'template' artwork for your CD at minimal cost.  This is typically used for archival recordings, and for recordings where you are going to make your own copies.
  • Pseudo-Custom: You can provide some basic 'concept' artwork and all of the credit information to Lucid, and we can flesh it out to match the requirements for a CD.  A good example of this is providing Lucid with artwork from a concert program.  Lucid then modifies the program artwork to work with the CD.
  • Complete-Custom: Lucid can create totally custom artwork for your CD.    

If you want Lucid or a CD replicator company to reproduce cover artwork and credits using your art design, you will need to follow the template requirements of Lucid or the replicator.  Typically, artwork is provided to either Lucid or to a replicator service in Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop format. 

Here are a few examples of cover artwork done exclusively by Brook Burson of Lucid Recording Sciences:


Additionally, Lucid will often take concert program artwork from an outside graphic artist, and turn this into pseudo-custom artwork for the concert CD.  Below are a few examples of that.  The 8.5x11 concert program artwork was provided in Adobe Illustrator format, and modified to fit the geometry required for the CD artwork.


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