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While most artists prefer to use package prices or to negotiate a price for a given project, Lucid also offers "time and expenses" rates for those clients who simply want to pay by the hour.  

Negotiated Project Fixed-Rates

If you're planning on a location recording, but none of our packages fit, and you aren't ready to accept the uncertainty of the Hourly pricing, Lucid would be happy to negotiate with you for a fixed price for your project.  After determining the details of your recording project and post-production needs, Lucid will quote you a fixed price for the recording and audio aspects of your project.  Thus, you will better be able to come up with a known price for the entire project to present to your board of directors or managers, thus simplifying the approval of the project.  Please email (preferred) or call Lucid to discuss your plans.


Hourly and Line Item Rates

The following list shows the standard hourly and line item rates that typically go into a "Time and Expenses" recording contract.


  • $75/hour Hourly Rate for recording, setup/teardown, post-production, mastering, graphic design, audio restoration, etc.  This price includes use of all necessary equipment owned by Lucid.  Typical setup time is 2 hours before warmup/soundcheck, or 3 hours before the doors open to the audience.  Typical teardown time is 1.5 hours.  Typical post-production & mastering time varies greatly depending upon services requested by artist, but varies from about 2 times the amount of audio recorded to about 15 times the amount of audio recorded.  
  • Trip Charges.  There is no charge for travel or travel time for trips to and from locations within the Phoenix Metro area, as long as there are at least 5 chargeable hours for the given trip.  For locations greater than 45 miles, but less than 150 miles from North Phoenix, a charge of $1.50 will be charged for each mile driven each way.  This covers gas, vehicle expenses, and travel labor time. 
  • Rental Charges.  If any recording equipment is needed and agreed upon beyond what Lucid has available, Lucid shall rent the equipment.  Charges incurred by Lucid for the rentals must be reimbursed.  However, it is rare that rental recording equipment is needed.
  • CD and DVD Manufacturing - Charges for manufactured or replicated CDs and DVDs vary depending upon quantity, and upon what graphics and packaging are requested with the CDs and DVDs.  Click here to go to our CD Manufacturing page for detailed pricing for small-quantity CD/DVD Manufacturing.

Pre-Configured Packages

Lucid has defined a few 'fixed-price' packages for concert and recital recordings that are designed to include all of the standard expenses and save you money.  Click here to see the description of these packages on a separate page.

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