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Lucid uses some of the best high-end studio recording equipment in the industry for our mobile recording studio equipment and our post-production studio as well.  Unlike many other mobile recording services who bring light-weight portable equipment with them to the recording sessions, we usually bring the 'big guns' with us to ensure the absolute best recording quality.  The quality of this equipment is better than what you would normally find in most studios.  


Location Equipment

  • Schoeps CMC-5 Microphones with MK-2 Capsules (1 pair).  An extremely musical pair of omnidirectional microphones, usually used as the main stereo pair in good acoustic halls.  The Schoeps CMC-5 and CMC-6 are among the favorite mics in many classical recording houses around the world, due to their accuracy, clarify, and musicality.  This particular pair was obtained from Skywalker Sound where it was used on many films.


  • AKG C-460 Microphones, with Lucid modifications.  10 small diaphragm condenser mics that are excellent for clear and neutral recordings of both vocals and instruments.AKG C-460 Microphone  Circuits extensively upgraded by Lucid to bring the performance to another level, provided extreme clarity and openness.  Cardioid and Omni capsules available.


  • AKG C414B-XLS Microphones.  An excellent large diaphragm pair with an adjustable pickup pattern that allows us to narrow or widen the audio pickup zone AKG C414B XLS Microphone - preferred by many Classical Recording Services to match the needs of the situation.  Often used for outriggers, drum overheads, solo instruments or voices, and small groups.  This microphone is seen in many studios as well as on TV in many live musical performances.


  • Langevin CR-3A microphone - extremely clear and musical sound for location recordings Langevin CR-3A Microphones.  An excellent pair of large diaphragm cardioids that we have often used in an ORTF arrangement to provide an excellent capture of the sound in the hall.  Also used for solo and instrument mics and for small groups.


  • Soundfield ST-250 Surround Sound Microphone - B-Format allows mic pattern to be determined in post-productionSoundfield ST-250 Surround Sound microphone.  An incredible microphone that captures sound from all directions into 4 channels (B format) and allows the production engineer to mix incredibly realistic surround sound masters.  Often used further back in the hall, in conjunction with a primary stereo pair, to provide the ambience and natural hall reverb that accompanies the clean image from the front stereo pair.   This combination of a front stereo pair plus a B-Format surround mic is known as "B-Plus" format.


  • Manley Baby Tube Microphones.  Matched pair of rare baby tube mics from one of the world's best microphone and recording equipment manufacturer's, Manley.  The Baby mics have excellent electronics and condenser capsule; however, we felt that the housing could be improved to minimize coloration.  We worked with a machinist to develop new housings for our Babies to resolve the coloration, and it makes these mics much better!  Warm and tubey (not tubby), the way tubes are supposed to be!  The images below show the original and modified Manley Baby mics.

Manley Baby Tube Microphone      Manley Baby Tube Microphone, customized by Lucid for optimal sound


  • AEA SMP-17 Microphone Positioner.  Simply the best commercial microphone positioner available, providing the most accuracy in ensuring that the most common stereo pair alignments, such as ORTF, are set up exactly right.  This results in realistic 'soundstage' presentation of the audio when you're sitting directly in front of a well-set-up set of speakers.  The performers are spread out left to right between the speakers on the virtual 'soundstage'.

AEA SMP-17 Microphone Positioner

  • Wireworld Atlantis Microphone Cables.  Cable really does make a big difference in sound.  And this is some of the best microphone cable in the world. 
  • Millennia Media HV-3R Microphone Preamp.  Lucid has two of these world-class, eight-channel, remote-control microphone preamps.  These are amongst the favorite mic preamps for classical recordists worldwide.  They are known as one of the cleanest, most natural sounding microphone preamps possible for classical, jazz, and choir recordings.

  • Manley Dual Mono Microphone Preamp.  One of the world's most musical vacuum tube microphone preamplifiers.  Provides a crystal clear, yet spacious and warm sound.  Especially musical for small ensembles and soloists.  Modified by Lucid to lower the noise floor.

Manley Dual Mono Microphone Preamp - Warm tube sounds when needed on Location Recordings

  • Focusrite Red 1 Microphone Preamp.  A four channel transformer coupled mic preamp that is considered to be among the top solid state preamps available in studios around the world.  Commonly used for Jazz and Pop music for vocals or instruments.  Modified by Lucid to lower the noise floor.

Focusrite Red 1 Microphone Preamp - Beautiful sounding preamp for Location Recording

  • Alesis HD24XR Hard Disk Recorder.  The "XR" version of the Alesis is one of the absolute best sounding Hard Disk recorders available on the market.   This unit has been extensively modified by Lucid with higher grade op-amps, much better power supply decoupling, and high quality audio capacitors. It allows recording of up to 24 channels at 24 bits / 44.1 or 48 kHz, or up to 12 channels at 24 bits / 88.2 or 96 kHz.  Has ADAT outputs to route digital signal to second recorder residing on a PC, resulting in two simultaneous recordings of the performance for backup purposes, 'just in case'.  Lucid also has a second HD24XR (unmodified) which can be used for additional backup or for recording up to 48 channels.


Alesis HD24XR Hard Disk Recorder - Quality Sound for On-Location Recordings


  • Furman IT-1220 Isolation Transformer and Power Conditioner.  Provides clean, quiet power to the recording electronics to ensure the best possible results.

Furman IT-1220 Isolation Transformer and Power Conditioner - Clean power for Mobile Recording Studio

  • Steinberg Nuendo Software.  This software is used to record, edit, mix, and master the final recordings - especially multi-channel or surround recordings.  Nuendo is an incredibly powerful tool that allows the operator to have a complete digital studio in a PC.

Steinberg Nuendo Software used in Mobile Recording Rig and Studio

  • Adobe Audition Software.  This software is an excellent tool for recording, editing, mixing and mastering stereo recordings, and includes many wonderful features that allow Lucid to edit out unintended noises on recordings with little to no audible effect on the actual music.  Lucid calls this process "Audio Detailing", and it a service we provide that most other recording and mastering services simply can't or won't provide. 

Adobe Audition Software used for Stereo Post Production

  • Stax SRM-1 Electrostatic Headphones.  Quite simply, some of the worlds most transparent transducers.  
  • RME Digiface ADAT interface for PC.  Sits between the Alesis HD24XR and a laptop PC to bring up to 24 channels of audio into the PC where it can be recorded directly to hard disk.
  • Laptop PC.  Brings audio in on the RME Digiface, and records it to the laptop's hard disk using Nuendo and/or Audition software.  For live events, dual recordings are made for backup purposes: one on the Alesis HD24XR, and another using the RME Digiface and Nuendo or Audition software on the Laptop PC.  
  • Yamaha 01v96v2 Mixer.  An excellent mixer when one is needed.  Used to create 'live mixes' that are available immediately after the show, as well as to interface to PA and house sound systems as needed.  Lucid also provides Live Sound mixing services, and can utilize this mixer or a house mixer for the purposes.

Yamaha 01v96v2 Mixer

  • Other equipment.  Lucid has a wide variety of other equipment, including standard and tall microphone stands, a variety of other microphones including ribbons, condensers, and dynamics, Mogami and Canare cables, Focusrite Octopre mic preamp, Presonus Central Station, Radial DI boxes, mic splitters, etc.  

Editing/Mastering Room and Equipment

Lucid is designing a state-of-the-art audiophile quality mastering room for acoustic recordings.  However, in the mean time, we have taken a smaller room and set it up for this purpose.  

The current room has had extensive acoustical treatment applied to turn it from an ordinary room into an excellent acoustic chamber for mastering and post production.  In addition, the room was acoustically modeled using CARA software to determine the proper placement of speakers and acoustic treatment, resulting in an excellent and neutral sound, ideal for mastering.  We have over $20,000 worth of audiophile quality playback equipment and acoustical treatment in this room, not counting the actual Digital Audio Workstation PC, including software and sound cards.

  • Rhintech CARA Acoustic Modeling and Simulation software.  Used to optimize the layout and acoustics of the mastering room, which results in better final master recordings.
  • Steinberg Nuendo - Described in Location Equipment Above.
  • Adobe Audition - Described in Location Equipment Above.
  • Voxengo Convolution Reverb including Pristine Space to produce exceptionally musical and natural sounding reverb
  • Voxengo Noise Reduction, Equalization, and Sample Rate adjustment plugins for premium post-production sound.
  • Ability to add instrumentation to recordings using advanced Midi instruments:
    • Native Instruments NI Komplete
    • Virtual Pianos: Bosendorfer, Steinway, etc.
    • StudioLogic 88 key weighted midi keyboard
    • Garritan Personal Orchestra 
  • Stax SRM-1 Electrostatic Headphones - Described in Location Equipment Above.
  • Lipinski L-707 Monitors - Superb and accurate monitors for post production.  Rated Class A by Stereophile Magazine.
  • Clearfield Diplomat loudspeakers.  Heavily re-engineered and modified by Brook Burson for incredible neutrality and clarity.
  • Counterpoint SA-220 Solid State/Tube Hybrid Power Amplifier.  Modified into an NP-220 by Alta Vista Audio.
  • Counterpoint NPS-400A Solid State/Tube Hybrid Power Amplifier.
  • Counterpoint SA-5000A Vacuum Tube Preamplifier.
  • Cables by Straight Wire and Wire World.   

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